Who is SAY Construction Technology

Investing Company
SAY Construction Technology

SAY Construction Technology, established under the roof of Digicom Group Companies, carried out luxurious and extraordinary projects in the leading exclusive regions of Turkey.

SAY Construction Technology started to progress in advanced living space construction and real estate development fields. SAY Construction has put its signature on various luxurious residence and villa projects, plazas, production complexes and the restoration of historical buildings so far. SAY Construction Technology started the “brand house” concept that will bring a new breath to the Turkish real estate industry, and carried out the “yooistanbul inspired by Philippe Starck” project.

Since its foundation, SAY Construction aims to change the existing sense of estate in our country, and includes famous brands, legendary designers and state-of-the-art technology in its projects through international collaborations. It brings together the quality, design, functionality and comfort in hand-picked exclusive locations, and takes firm steps forward on this way with the purpose of leading the real estate sector.

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